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Youth Ministry

Welcome to our Youth Ministry page! We want to take a moment to share our vision with you and invite you to join us during our next event. 

At Grace, we have developed a family-oriented, Christ-centered, small group approach to ministry that encourages mentorship and relationship among families. Our greatest joy is to see families come together each Wednesday night to share their faith and pray. It is amazing what happens when we demonstrate love and care towards one another out of a shared faith! We are seeing families grow closer experiencing the living God. Hopefully, you can join us soon!

Middle School Youth

Our middle school youth are learning that faith is a way of life; it influences every decision we make. Here we learn to develop healthy peer relationships, talk about the faithfulness of God’s word, and learn to serve one another in love.

Sunday School
Sunday school classes for youth focus on practical application of God’s word. You will discover how the Bible speaks to you every day and guides the decisions of your life.

Faith Journey
Faith Journey is our fundamentals of faith class, also known as Confirmation. You can find more information about this class on our Special Services page.

Retreats and Missions Trips
As life-changing experiences that help us develop bonds with the Lord and each other, these special events are some of the most powerful experiences youth have, which help them draw closer to God.

Regional Junior High Gathering
An action-packed weekend at camp, these events bring youth together from all over the region with one purpose—to honor God. Each year our youth experience Christian growth through Bible study and prayer, tons of fun with silly games and sports, and relationship building around campfires and music. They discover a camaraderie within the Body of Christ that closes the distance of time and circumstance.

Puppet Ministry Beach Weekend
This mission experience is a great way to infuse character development in your kids. Here they learn ministry skills, develop creative ways to share the Gospel, begin to recognize and meet the needs of others, mature in their prayer life, build teamwork skills, and learn to depend on God and watch Him faithfully perform His word. It is an excellent Christian growth tool and often one of the first service projects our children develop and participate in. 

Our once-a-month activities, usually held on Friday nights or Sunday afternoons, are just a fun time of relationship building and laughter! We often host:

  • Back-to-school parties
  • Ice cream socials
  • Hayrides and bonfires
  • Christmas workshops
  • Christmas caroling and hot chocolate
  • Hockey games
  • Red Valentine party
  • All-day fun days
  • Family Christian Passover Seder
  • Water fights

High School Youth

Our senior high youth are in the final stages of their dress rehearsal of life. At this age, we try to infuse our kids with the truth of who they are in Christ and the authority of God’s word. We want each of our youth to learn to evaluate differing worldviews with compassion not emulation.

Sunday School
This Bible class looks at current issues in the light of God’s truth and grace. It helps our youth to relate God’s word to their everyday faith walk and learn to lean on His wisdom for their future. 

Ask; Your Questions Matter  
This class aims to empower youth with the critical tools necessary for understanding our faith and for investigating and evaluating differing worldviews. It challenges them to think about the questions of human existence and look to God’s word for answers. 

Faith Journey
Faith Journey is our fundamentals of faith class, also known as Confirmation. You can find out more information about this class on our Special Services page.

Retreats and Mission Trips
These life-changing experiences help us develop bonds with the Lord and each other.

National Lutheran Youth Gathering 
Every three years, thousands of Lutheran youth from all over the country come together for worship, testimony, and teaching. We get a vision for servant projects, personal Bible study, and prayer. We also have lots of fun sightseeing and playing together.

Belize Mission Trip
One of our most powerful events challenges youth to put their faith into practice to serve the body of Christ. We help with construction projects, prepare and run VBS services for hundreds of kids, and witness for Christ in the streets. What an experience! 

Leadership Quest  
This event will grow you, deepen your faith, and transform you as a servant leader. This wilderness camping experience held at Camp Wilderness North in Brimson, Minnesota, is the experience of a lifetime. Watch this video clip to see first-hand what we do at Leadership Quest.

Annual Winter Ski Weekend
Join us for two days of great skiing, snow, fireplaces, and hot chocolate! Build relationships with one another, and discuss how God’s creation demonstrates His character to us.  

Whitewater Rafting
An exciting weekend for high schoolers, this event will pitch you against the great outdoors and help you develop solidarity among your peers. We’ll spend time in the mountains hiking, swimming, camping, rafting, and experiencing firsthand the beauty of God’s creations.

Labor Day Weekend Canoe Trip
A beginning of the school year retreat at the Buffalo River Campground, we’ll canoe, play games, sing, cook out, and have an awesome outdoor Church service with great Bible teaching.

We keep activities scheduled throughout the year that will give youth the opportunity to develop relationships with others who share their faith. During our times together, we enjoy:

  • Hiking
  • Cook-outs
  • Pool parties
  • Hayrides
  • Christian concerts
  • Servant events
  • Fundraising