Grace Lutheran Church Grace Lutheran Church

Young Adult Ministry

Grace’s young adult ministry exists to train-up young people in practical, Christ-centered leadership and life skills. We want to encourage our young men and women to develop God honoring relationships, timeless character traits, effective work/ministry habits, and citizenship. We know that these qualities built our wonderful country, and we know that by training our young people in them, we will see a dramatic shift in the atmosphere of our nation. We pray that shift, once again, turns this nation to Christ!

Young Adult Community Group

We have a young adult group meeting on Sunday mornings in the church library from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. This is a group that seeks to build community and connections. The group members develop the scope of the community. The group seeks to have lunch together and/or participate in special fellowship activities. We invite you to attend, and please feel free to invite friends to come with you. Our goal is to support you as you go through this stage of life to figure things out. Our faith in Jesus is a vital connection, and we seek to nurture your spiritual journey through your participation in this group.