Grace Lutheran Church Grace Lutheran Church

What We Believe

At Grace Lutheran we value relationships. For it is through relationships that we can truly make a difference in the lives of people individually and in our community at large. As a congregation, we seek to be passionate servants who partner with our community to transform lives through Christ. We strive to let these core values guide and direct all that we do at Grace:

  • Sharing God's Love - We are people of the Great Commission who share God's love and reach the lost by teaching, preaching, baptizing, and healing in Jesus' Name, as led by the Holy Spirit.
  • Grace-Based Relationships - We build loving relationships in an environment of grace through caring, encouragement, loving confrontation, forgiveness, and reconciliation.
  • Relational Ministry vs. Program-Centered Ministry - We desire that our events become a bridge for people to build relationships with others in this body of believers and ultimately with Jesus Christ.
  • Disciplined People - We are a ministry that brings children, youth, singles, couples, and families into a personal, growing relationship with Jesus through nurturing, teaching, modeling, mentoring, and encouraging parental involvement.
  • Life-Related Teaching of God's Word - We are committed to Christ-centered teaching founded on the authority of Scripture that matures us throughout life in living and sharing our faith.
  • Small Group Ministry - We value small group ministry that creates authentic, caring relationships through which God matures us to live and share our faith in Jesus.
  • Diverse yet Corporate Worship - Together we affirm a variety of worship styles, in which the following are central: the grace of God in Jesus Christ, the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, the word of God, the Sacraments, and prayer.
  • People of Prayer - We commit to a lifestyle of daily prayer and worship that glorifies God and allows God to transform us by His Spirit.
  • Everyone Serves - We are a Spirit-empowered congregation who give ourselves sacrificially to God, using our gifts in loving service to Him and others.

Statement of Faith

  • The Bible is God's Word to us and is absolutely true in all of its parts.
  • There is only one God who displays Himself in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • God created all that exists and still has a personal, active interest and influence in it.
  • God loves all people and wishes to have a growing, intimate, and saving relationship with them.
  • All people are born sinful and therefore, outside of a personal and saving relationship with God; a condition, which left unchanged, will result in a hopeless, purposeless life in the present and ultimately eternal separation from Him.
  • To provide an escape from this despair, the Father sent His Son to take the punishment for the sins of all mankind for all time. This happened on the cross; however, Jesus conquered death and Satan by rising from the grave.
  • All people who, in faith, repent of their sinful self and yield to Jesus as Lord and Savior through the power of the Holy Spirit will receive forgiveness of sins, purpose, peace, and eternal life.
  • A personal relationship with Jesus comes through the Spirit's gift of faith by the grace of God and therefore cannot be earned.
  • The Holy Spirit initiates faith through baptism and provides gifts for ministry in and outside the church.
  • God personally comes to us in the Lord's Supper, assuring us of forgiveness of sins and strengthening our faith.