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We make a point to keep our doors open to you, our congregation and our community. We want to be that “city on a hill” that Jesus talked about, so we’ve dedicated this page to keeping you informed of all things new and noteworthy at Grace. While you’re here, be sure to check out our monthly newsletter. 

English as Second Language (ESL) Ministry

A core group of Grace Lutheran members dedicated their efforts and time with the inception of the English as Second Language (ESL) ministry and have continued to refine the process of building connections and bridges to our community. While we initially held classes off campus, this ministry effort moved to the campus at Grace Lutheran about seven years ago. The ESL classes focus on strengthening skills in the use of the English language. It is important that students be regular in attendance. Also, special instruction is provided to help with things that students must cope in the community (citizenship, cooking, medical, etc.). Students are encouraged to let us know of those needs where they need help and we seek to provide a special class with helps.

For more information please view our ESL ministry sheet.