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Adult Ministry

Since its very beginning, Grace Lutheran Church has been a leader in adult Bible classes. We love to study God’s word and discuss how a story written over 2,000 years ago can still be relevant to our lives. To continue meeting the needs of our congregation, we have developed a variety of small ministry groups that provide excellent ways to fellowship in the word.

Sunday Morning Bible Classes - These Classes Meet from 9:30–10:30 a.m.

April 28, 2019 – June 2, 2019
“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105


This is a continuation of study on demon possession and spiritual warfare. We are focusing the next discussion based on these topics as it relates to America. The class is not one that sensationalizes the topics but discusses them in real terms and walks through what the scriptures have to say about each subject and what that looks like in the United States. Bring your Bibles!

  • Location: Annex Assembly Room, Room 104A 
  • Leader: Tommy Presley

A Larger Look at Scripture Lessons from the Lectionary

Each week we are blessed to have a sermon lesson on the scripture readings provided in the Sunday services. However, the sermon, like Christ’s parables, gives us only a glimpse into the richness the scriptures have to offer. Join us each Sunday as we take a deeper dive into the scripture readings for that Sunday as Christ disciples did with their faith walk.

  • Location: 6th Grade Room, Room 103A 
  • Leader: Kevin Pedersen and Ken Ols

    Mormons: Who They Are and What They Believe

    The Bible study will look at the group's origins; the discrepancy between Mormon beliefs and orthodox Christian teaching and faith; the meaning of some of its rituals (baptism of the dead, endowments for the living and dead, temple garments, and celestial marriage); and the prominence of the temple in the life of a Mormon.

    • Location: 8th Grade Room, Room 101A
    • Leader: Dick Stewart

    Playing God: Redesigning Life

    Playing God explores the ethics of "perfecting" humanity through DNA, cloning, stem cell research, and more. Chapters include: And You'll Be Like God, In the Beginning God Created, In Search of the Perfect Child, The Immortal  Clone, The Stem Cell Revolutions, and The Valley of the Shadow of Death. Bring your Bibles.

    • Location: 7th Grade Room, Room 102A
    • Leader: Marty Ohme

    When Helping Hurts

    Poverty is much more than simply a lack of material resources, and it takes much more than donations and handouts to solve it. When Helping Hurts shows how some alleviation efforts do more harm than good. This study will provide strategies to do more good than harm from a biblical perspective and look at how Grace can use these strategies.

    • Location: Math Room, Room 113A
    • Leader: Jim Baumann

    Growth Community

    Balancing Act 

    This 12-week study will lead us through 1 and 2 Samuel through reflection questions, Gospel highlights, connections to the Bible’s overarching story, and review of historic orthodox doctrine. We will receive insights into God’s character as we study the prophet Samuel and Israel’s first kings, Saul and David.

    • Location: Parlor Room, Room 104 (Sanctuary Building)
    • Leaders: Jordan and Kristin Haycock/Cameron and Laura Muelling

    Old Testament for Non-Native English Speakers 

    This class is geared towards those whose native language is not English. About 30 percent of the class covers the pronunciation and definitions of the words used in each chapter. Key Christian concepts of God's creation, His supremacy, grace and love, as well as our individual sin nature and need for salvation are emphasized. The course is available to anyone with the understanding that language skill and understanding development is a component of the class.

    • Location: Spanish  Room, Room 100A
    • Leaders: Phil and Kleone Nelson

    Youth Bible Studies

    High School Bible Class: Living My Faith Every Day

    How do I defend different aspects of my faith as I go through daily encounters that contradict scripture? How do I live my faith every day? How is God with me helping me to deal with whatever happens around me? Join us to share and learn.

    • Location: Meeting in Youth Room, Room 107F
    • Leader: Jack Tomkovich

    Faith Journey for Confirmands

    Faith Journey confirmation instruction is for middle school students, 6th and 7th graders, to explore your faith, grow in God’s love, develop relationships, and evaluate your commitment to living a life of Christian discipleship. If you have any questions or want more information about Faith Journey, please contact the church office.

    • Location: Meeting in the 4th Grade Classroom, Room 107A
    • Leaders: Mark Nelson and Craig Camealy

    Faith Journey Beyond Confirmation

    You are confirmed! Now what? This study helps 8th grade students understand the Church as we know it today from the end of Martin Luther’s era. We also cover topics that relate to the transition of middle to high school and how to apply the scriptures in this transition.

    • Location: Meeting in the Math Room, Room 113A
    • Leader: Tommy Presley

    Children’s Sunday School

    The birth to two-year-old Sunday school meets in nursery room 131 of the Child Development Center, with Katie Hayden teaching.

    The three-year-olds through pre-kindergarten meet in room 100 of the Child Development Center, with Lorna Menzel teaching. Bible verses, music, and art activities are based on the weekly Bible lesson.

    The kindergartners through fourth graders meet in the choir room of the sanctuary building, room 101. You will drop off and pick up your children at this location. Children experience songs, craft, and a lesson from the scripture. During the lesson time, we will separate the children into K–2nd graders and 3rd–4th graders in the first and second grade school classrooms, rooms 106 and 107. Teachers include Karen Tomkovich, Tabby/Scott Jagger, Rebecca Armstrong, Elise Fulda, June Kalange, Nancy Rice, Craig Camealy, Mariib Camealy, and Mairlyn Johnson. 

    The fifth graders Sunday school meets in the school library next to the assembly/annex room, with Pam Ols teaching, room 105A. In this class, the student begins the formal confirmation journey with a more in depth look at the Bible.

    Senior Adult Ministry

    Our senior adult ministry, Saints Alive, brings seniors (55 years and older) together for fellowship and outreach. We meet the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at the church. Our group often plans outings and service events in northern Alabama and southern Tennessee as well as hosts guest speakers throughout the year. For more information, please call the church office, or check out our ad in Grace Notes.

    Small Groups

    Grace Loving Care small groups increase the entry points into our church family as we invite those who have no church home to participate. Our groups meet regularly at different times and places during the week for prayer, Bible study, testimony, and fellowship. We want to provide ways to share the love of Christ with others and encourage one another to live out this love in our daily lives.